Adventures Of Veronica Wright

Adventures Of Veronica Wright

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21st Nov 2034 ... What are these things attacking the world? Veronica has been warned! She must escape! Guided by her great great grandfather she may succeed. But... is that all? Does Fate have a larger plan for Veronica? Check out yourself in this wonderful escape type adventure friv game!

Like a case straight out of the X-Files, Playtinum Games' Adventures of Veronica Wright: Escape from the Present begins with green-eyed alien creatures in pursuit of a spunky, white-smiled heroine. A mysteriously post-dated letter from her great great grandfather sends Veronica running for her life, searching for pieces to a time machine so she can fix what he could not.

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Using your mouse, navigate through this part adventure, part escape-the-room game friv for school to uncover clues, useful items, and solve puzzles which will help Veronica repair the device and escape back in time. Our brave and witty protagonist channels Nancy Drew as the brightly-colored cartoon graphics yield a science fiction comic book appeal, well suited to the cornball plot. I mean, alien invaders and notes from the future! For real? (Where's Doc Brown and Agent Mulder when you need them?)

The controls are a bit clunky, it should be confessed, as each time you need to use an item, you'll have to scroll through your inventory list. There's no changing cursor to make interactive areas obvious, either. These gameplay aspects are probably because Adventures of Veronica Wright: Escape from the Present is also available for iOS devices; such controls are just perfect for the smaller touch screen. For a free, Flash game, that's a forgivable issue, though—the entertainment value and opportunity to sleuth is well worth the trade off. Of course, with all this sci-fi melodrama, you have to factor in a cliffhanger ending. What's a girl to do? Play Escape from the Present with tongue in cheek and simply relish in the fun!

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