Arcuz 2

Arcuz 2

Date added: 05/09/2017

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Arcuz 2 is an addictive action role-playing game friv inspired by Zelda and Diablo. Your mission is simple: Explore the dungeons of Arcuz, fight monsters and save the world. Time to begin your adventure now. Go Go Go!

A terrible demonic creature, named Ssyba and imprisoned in the abyss, has promised treacherous Lord Zark to reveal him the secret of immortality in exchange for freedom. Relying only on his lust for power, Zark committed the folly of releasing this devil and plunged the world into chaos. You are the last hope of the kingdom and you will have to accomplish many quests and risk your life into dungeons to restore peace and security in these lands. Arcuz 2 is a sublime medieval fantasy role-playing game (RPG), Diablo clone, which will captivate all fans of the genre.

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Game controls:

Use WASD to move, space to talk, J to attack, K to jump, U/I/O/L = Spells, 1/2/3 to use potions or town portals, C to change characters, B = Inventory, V = Skills, N = Quest, M = Map.

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