Arm Of Revenge

Arm Of Revenge

Date added: 05/09/2017

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Are you ready to become acquainted with the power of guns. With "Arm of Revenge" you will reach the peak of action. The purpose of the game friv xyz to mop up your enemy. You can manipulate your hero with "W, A, S, D" keys. Use "J" key for light fist, "K" key for sever fist. And use "I" key to plead and "L" key to run like the devil. Also use "Q" key change the gun. Moreover you can buy some extras by entering the "Power Up" menu and strengthen your hero with the money which you earn in due course of game. You need to comlete 8 sections on "Story Mode" to open "Survival Mode". Pay attention not to finish the power of gun shot.

Great fighting friv game with a touching story, smooth moves, more than 30 skills to combo and 3 types of arm to change!

Calling all the fighters on the earth... Do you like Street Fighter, KOF, Devil May Cry, or Shank? Now you got the most fun fighting/action game on the Flash platform -Arm of Revenge! Touching story, smooth moves, more than 30 skills to combo, 3 types of arm to change, survival mode...and more! Challenge your friend and hit the highest combos! Remember, this will be the most fun fighting game you never ever seen on the Flash platform!

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Game controls:

WASD or Arrow keys - to Move, Jump and Crouch (double tap for double jump)
J/Z - for Light Attack
K/X - for Heavy Attack
Space bar - to Activate Berzerk mode
L/C - to Dash
I/S - to Block
Q/A - to Switch to Gun Arm
E/D - to Switch to Blaze Arm (Need to buy a Blaze Arm first)
P or F - for Menu and Pause

Try pressing JKJKJKJK...Try switching to Gun Arm or Blaze Arm...Try punching your enimies into the air and jumping to give some additional punchs...Countless combinations of combo are waiting for you to discover...;)

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