Bad Ice Cream 2

Bad Ice Cream 2

Date added: 17/06/2017

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Bad Ice-Cream continues with the newest and latest chapter on! The Ice-Creams decided to keep on trucking to eat the fruits although they ate so many fruits on the previous chapter. A hard and entertaining game is waiting for you. If you are ready too, let's begin!

Click "CLICK TO LICK" button to go main menu. You click "PLAY" button. If you want to play as single, press "SPACE-BAR" to add a player. If you want to play as two player, press "SPACE-BAR" and "Q" keys to add players. You can change the frivgame character with "ARROW MARKS". Then click "GO" buttons to go level select screen and then select the first level of the game to start to play.

After the friv game for school is started, you can close the information boxes with "CONTINUE" button.

Your goal is to collect the fruits without catching the monsters. If you work well as a team, you can pass the levels more easily.

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Have fun!

Game controls:

Game controls are as follows:
1st Player:
Action: "SPACE-BAR"

2nd Player:
Move: "W,A,S,D"
Action: "Q"

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