Coaster Cars: Tornado Track

Coaster Cars: Tornado Track

Date added: 28/03/2018

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Coaster Cars Tornado Track comes with a new track for this version of the game that you can try. The friv game is awesome and you can control with arrow keys.

You already had to participate in the races on the air Twist track, we invite you to experience the thrill of the track, nicknamed Tornado in the game Coaster Cars Tornado Track. The road passes through an endless desert. There is almost no vegetation, but full of stones, and the wind chases to roll the field and sand dust.

You have to sweep like a hurricane Tornado on the same route, ahead of all rivals. Manage the machine with the help of arrows, trying to deftly enter the turns. At high speed this is not easy, but with your experience, you will be able to cope with the car and subordinate it to your will completely.

The sands of this desert do not seem to be silent ... A sound of overheated engines echoes on the asphalt of this circuit! Enjoy this new episode of Coaster Cars retro arcade racing series! Drive your car as fast as possible to get an high score! Follow closely an opponent to increase speed!

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Game controls:

Controls: Use W S D to control your car. Drive as fast as possible to pass the other opponents in this special game. 

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