Cool Breeze Room Escape

Cool Breeze Room Escape

Date added: 19/10/2019

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Cool Breeze Room Escape is an online game that you can play on friv for free. Oh no, you are trapped in a cool breeze room, you need to escape from this place quickly or you will be killed by a bad guy! Find useful things and solve puzzles to open the door.

Winter is coming. That means that the cool breeze is starting to blow. This is the thing that you want because you can save a lot without opening your air conditioner. You just have to open your windows and let the cool breeze enter. You though that this is great idea until you felt the cold breeze nurturing through your skin. The thing is, your heater isn't working. With that, you have to close the window to prevent the cold breeze from entering. But the problem is, the window won't close anymore. You can close it from outside but you have to find the key before you can open the door and get out. Unfortunately, the window is too small for you to fit in.

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Hope you can survive!

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Mouse Interaction

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