Crazy Mommy Street Food Truck

Crazy Mommy Street Food Truck

Date added: 01/03/2018

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Crazy Mommy Street Food Truck is a funny game which you can play here on friv 3 player games. Your mother decided to run into a cooking challenge that might make her go crazy, but to keep her stable she got your help and support. Owning three different businesses requires hard work and devotion and also a competent employee that will handle any issue that comes along. Your mission is to be the best employee by working on three shifts in the food street truck.


At Friv cooking games, you will try is pizza making and once you succeed this stage the following will just be easier or at least familiar. You are a pizza maker. Customers will come and place his order you have a certain time to respond to that and you have to do it fast because you'll not gonna make enough money to help out this crazy mom. In 220 seconds, you must serve 4 customers to gain 2000 points. When a clients appears, you see the order. Customers just appear in the limited time, so be fast. You will run out of time and your score will be calculated by the number of satisfied customers. You play in 200 seconds, but you have to get 3000 points. Have fun and good luck!


You will see that you will get a lot of experience for the next trucks. The ice cream truck requires serving your people such as in the first truck. Remember that the more you play the better you are. Same in the burger truck, pay attention to accomplish your orders as they are asked. Show your talent and give your best!


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How to play?

Create many delicious dishes by using your left mouse in the game. 

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