Final Ninja

Final Ninja

Date added: 12/09/2017

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Final Ninja is an addictive platformer which is playable friv online Games for kids. Nitrome have created a thrilling Ninja game with their trademark graphics. Play as the Final Ninja by throwing Shuriken and launching ropes to swing from platform to platform. You must defeat the evil Akuma to complete the game. Good luck in the final battle!


At friv play now, your master, evil Akuma was not pleased and he’s still trying to eliminate you. Your mission in this game is to help the little ninja assassin to defeat his arch-enemy Akuma. It’s time for your final mission to find your evil master and put an end to your troubles. You are the Ninja, the FINAL hope for all.


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Game controls:


Use WASD to move and click with your mouse to throw a ninja star to kill enemies. 

Click and hold to shoot out a rope.

Use the rope to climb up and swing. 

Hold down S for stealth mode. 

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