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G-Switch 3 is one of our selected Multiplayer Games.

Turn gravity upside-down in G-Switch 3! This arcade sequel includes single-player levels, Endless mode, and a multiplayer challenge. You can compete against up to 7 friends and AI opponents on the same computer. Keep running along the safest walls and floors to stay in the race!

The game which you have been waiting for a long time, comes with the 3rd chapter! G-Switch presents lots of newness to you in the third chapter. You will need to control two runner in the single player game mode from now on. Besides, you should be careful with your way which are trapped with sawblades.

With multiplayer game mode, you are going to use two different booster and cloning. Five new characters are included to this chapter. You can play up to eight players with multiplayer game mode option and you can set their controls. The one who goes more, wins the game.

Control the gravity and run as fast as you can. Upgrade with new features, improvement, and characters. Eight-player game mode is available!

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Game controls:

Player 1: “LEFT-CLICK”
Player 2-8: Define it from the game menu.

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