Grandpa Suite Escape

Grandpa Suite Escape

Date added: 28/02/2018

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Grandpa Suite Escape is a point and click escape game which you can play here on friv wonderful games for free. Imagine, you were staying in a suite with your grandpa. Today your grandpa went out early in the morning. But the door in his suite won't open. You don’t know the location of the room key your grandpa kept. An extra key is out there somewhere. Your mission is to just have to look for hints that can help you to find it. 

In his younger days, Grandpa worked so hard. So there is no wonder why he is so rich right now. Your grandpa invites you to his suite regularly. However the truth is, even though you don't get an invitation, you still go to his suite. You feel very comfortable in his place plus the fact that your grandpa spoils you with food is the best thing ever. You went to grandpa's suite today but he is not there. That made you sad because you miss him so much. With that, you want to go home instead. Since grandpa is out of town, it will take weeks before he comes back. Because of that, you have to find your own way to escape from the room.

There are puzzles around the room that you might encounter. Here at gogi com, you must use your logic. On the good note, there are items in grandpa's suite that you can use to solve those puzzles. Grandpa Suite Escape is the newest room escape game. Have fun!


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Game controls:

How to play?

Use your mouse to click on the symbols on the screen. 

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