Gravity Duck

Gravity Duck

Date added: 11/09/2017

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Gravity Duck is a funny puzzle platformer which is playable friv free games. A small duckling has the power to control earth's gravitational force. Help it to find a way to the golden egg. Get ready for a fun puzzle!


You'll be guiding your duck through forty levels of egg-gathering action. The [arrow] keys move your duck left and right (or up and down depending on the gravity). Hitting [X] when on a solid surface flip-turns the gravity upside-down, sending you careening from platform to platform, with the ultimate goal of making way to the golden egg on each screen. Find out in friv 2018 games!


If you hurtle yourself into a spinning yellow gravity well, the gravity shifts 90 degrees based on which way the well is rotating. Spikes, smashing blocks, caterpillars, spitting flowers and shooting fire flies later make appearances, attempting to poof you into non-existence, as well as the prerequisite bottomless-pits/ceilings/walls. Restarting a level is just a click away however, and progress is saved as you go on, but your progress is erased if you return to an earlier level.


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Game controls:

How to play?

Control the duck with arrow keys and switch the gravity with X. 

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