Kitty Kate Cleaning The House Tree

Kitty Kate Cleaning The House Tree

Date added: 29/03/2018

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How cool would it be to have a tree house? We all dream about it at least once and to make this cleaning game friv even better we come up with a sweet kitty that lives in a wonderful tree house. The thing is that her beloved tree house is now really destroyed and the garbage is spread all over the house.

Kitty Kate didn't make any cleaning since she moved into the house and everything is overused and the walls are all stained with grease. Your job will be to assist the cleaning and learn how to do it by following the presented instructions. Use the stair to move in each part of the tree house, but to be possible to go into the other rooms you will have to clean first the kitchen. Be careful, you have a lot of work to do. Throw the garbage, clean the floor and wipe the dust, then move to the walls that need a serious rubbing.

The sink and the gas cooker are too dirty and need to be restored. The fridge is fulfilled with rotten food that you will get rid of. Next, you will go to the bedroom and here is the same mess. Deal with all that trash and try to make the room look like the one you could live in. Swipe the dust, have the floors cleaned up and handle the rest of the disorder. Move to the bathroom and save your strength because here you will get a little bit more work to do. Clean the toilet, the bating tube has to be disinfected and the sink as well.

Don't miss the floors and the rest of the bathroom. Now that you have finished your work, our beloved Kitty Kate could dance around in her new fresh home you have given to her. 

Besides the amazing experience this game provides, you will be able to identify some features like:
- Easily controlled and free playing
- Developing cleaning skills and learn how chores are done
- Helping out a little kitty to have her dream tree house
- Using different tools to remove stains and variety of dirt to get rid of
- Cool graphics and cheerful background music

Enjoy with

Game controls:

Use your left mouse to follow the instructions in the game as you help Kitty clean up the house on her tree.

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