Mafia Stories 3

Mafia Stories 3

Date added: 20/09/2017

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Mafia Stories 3 is the sequel to the previous Mafia Stories that you can play here on friv for kids. You are called in the middle of the night, there is an emergency at the headquarter. Enter the world of organized crime and experience some hardcore retro style action. Steal a car, kill people and see what's going on. 


You need to become a respected member of you mob. Becoming a Mafia member is pretty difficult. Interact with objects and people to solve all the riddles and complete your mission. Your life is usually at stake here at friv game play. Try to utilize your reactions. The dialogues are in english, but if you’re not an english speaker you should understand most of the situations easily. So pick up your trusty gun and go out into the wild world you’ll be facing.


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Game controls:


Use arrow keys to control your character in the game.

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