Mommy’s Laundry Day

Mommy’s Laundry Day

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Have you ever wondered who keeps your house clean and neat even after each time you make a mess? It is no one but your Mommy. Join Mommy’s Laundry Day at friv game free and replace your mom's job to know exactly how a laundry day is. The room is a total mess and you have to make it clean again using those tools you dispose of. Each part is cleaned with a different kind of tool and you actually have to accomplish all the given tasks so you can move to the next step. 


At first, you must make sure you eliminate that stinky garbage that is spread all over the room and put it in the trash can. The spiderweb is all over the place and as soon as you clean that it might look even better, the mirror doesn't look good at all, remove the dirt from it too. The dirty clothes need to be placed in the basket so you could come back at them after. Arrange the object in the right order and make sure you get rid of that bug that is climbing on the wall. 


When you are done you have to take care of the laundry. Sort the white one from the colorful ones and separate them when you wash. Add detergent and laundry softener for a professional wash and once the program is over you have to take the clothes out and hang them in order to dry. 


Here on friv online games comes the ironing part where you get the clothes and make sure you put them in the closet in a good shape. Iron each piece of clothing and arrange it in the wardrobe. After you fulfill this task you are not able to do all the chores in the house. Don't forget to have fun too.


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