Motocross Challenge

Motocross Challenge

Date added: 12/09/2017

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Motocross Challenge is a 2D side-scrolling motorcycle game combining regular racing and tricks which is playable gofriv games. Change your driver and upgrade your favorite dirt bike to complete each level. Perform stunts, beat the time and challenge different opponents to win the Motocross Challenge.


The tracks remind of Excitebike while the gameplay seems inspired by Motocross Maniacs. The friv game offers two main modes: Free Ride (choose an unlocked bike and track to practise) and Challenge. The Challenge mode involves a series of events in 3 major categories: Beat the Clock (time-based), Trick Attack (points-based) and World Tour (race against 3 AI opponents). 


When all courses are finished, the final event, MXC Championship, is unlocked. The events are divided over different trees and completing certain courses unlocks new tracks or one of the 8 available bikes. The bikes have different statistics based on speed, handling, acceleration, height, boost and suspension.


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Game controls:


Use the arrows to Driving / Balance / Stunts

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