Naruto Shuriken Training

Naruto Shuriken Training

Date added: 15/07/2019

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Naruto Shuriken Training is an online game that you can play on online games friv.

Naruto trains hard to control chakra, but it is very bad given possession of shuriken. Kakashi teaches him to impregnate his chakra shuriken, which would give him the strength and accuracy, but the boy does not want to listen to. Help Naruto shuriken possession undergo training. Your task is to correctly identify the direction and force of the throw, and the boy soaked it and throw chakra. Also, use different techniques throw.

Naruto has just enter the ninja training class. His first lesson is to learn how to be skillful in using ninja basic weapon the Shuriken. Help Naruto use shuriken to shoot down the bubbles. 

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Game controls:

use mouse to play

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