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Omega Box

Date added: 16/06/2017

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Omega Box : Fly through space, avoiding baddies and gulping down plasma to keep your jetpack fueled up. Make the achievements and earn medals. Medals can be exchanged for super powers! Free Online Action Games from

Fly through space avoiding rockets!

Would you like a jet-pack? Sure, we all do! However, I'm not so sure I'd be willing to volunteer for the strict testing procedures that would have to be completed before release to market: what with the dodging of missiles, the zapping of lasers, and having to deal with the inevitably-snarky AI running the whole thing. Omega Box, the new puzzle game from Friv Online, is the tale of a test-subject either much braver or much less lucky than I, who must fly around the experimentation room avoiding everything said snarky AI can throw at him.

Using the [arrow] keys to move around the box, you must survive as long as you can by avoiding the firing weapons, and collecting enough Plasma Packs to keep you in their air to score point combos: blue packs being adding 100 point/1x to the multiplier and red ones adding 500 points/5x. Your actions will determine your amusing after-play ranking as well as unlocking medals to purchase upgrades. The carrot dangling in front of you is the classified area that unlocks at 2,000,000 points. In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't managed to unlock it yet... but boy howdy I'm going to keep trying.

Avoidance games can be quite hit or miss, but there are a few features that differentiates Omega Box from the pack. It starts fast-paced and never lets up. The fuel cell mechanic means that you strive towards some objects as much as you strive away from others, making for a near-perfect play balance. It has that frustrating addictive quality that makes you want to replay time and time again for a better rank and another secret to unlock.

It's not perfect: the explosive blasts you need to avoid are a bit unclear in both their range and how long they can harm you, which is a problem for a game based around one-hit-kills. I would have also preferred if the unlocked Evolutions removed enemies from play instead of making you immune to e.g. one kind of laser and not another. These minor issues aside, Omega Box is quite fun and should keep you playing for quite a while. If you typically avoid avoidance games, this just might be the one that'll change your mind.

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arrows to move

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