School Bus License 2

School Bus License 2

Date added: 12/09/2017

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School Bus License 2 is a tricky virtual driving test game for kids & teens which is playable friv 4 unblocked. You play the role of the trainee driver, and must navigate your cumbersome yellow vehicle through a variety of obstacle-filled levels against the clock. The catch is that your bus is quite awkward and bulky, with even the smallest mistake resulting in a big Red X FAIL mark from your fastidious instructor!


This game can take a while to load. Drive the school bus around and practice your skills to earn the ultimate qualification. Make sure you do not hit anything so the children in your bus keep safe. Have fun with juegos similares de golgi!


Each level tests a different aspect of your driving. E.g, you have to park in a designated space, reverse around corners, drive through corner-filled back roads, pick up children, drop off passengers etc. All of these levels are run against the clock, so if you don’t complete the task in time, it’s a Fail. Likewise, if the bus crashes into any obstacles, curbs, or other vehicles, you rightly fail the level. See if you can pass all 20! Now, that would be an awesome achievement!


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Game controls:


Use the arrows to drive 

Space to brake

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