Sketch Quest

Sketch Quest

Date added: 16/06/2017

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Play Sketch quest on! Play through an adventure with weapons and enemies that you draw! Sketch quest is totally free and requires no registration!

Sketch your way through each level. Awesome interactive adventure game! 

Yes, you've been overheard mumbling to yourself how you could design more outstandingly blastiful weapons and truly amazing bufferific gear. As a habit, when you're left holding a pencil, doodles appear across the page almost without thought. And you know, down inside, a bit of snark resides waiting to find kinship in an action platformer. Hrmm? Okay, even if none of that is true, Sketch Quest, a new sketch-your-own side-scrolling platform game by GOgy 2018 is hot off the drawing board to put the mightiness of the quill in your hands and empower your secret artistic ambitions to shine through with colorful kismet.

Gratifyingly fun although disappointingly brief, Sketch Quest is like your typical platform game friv for school in these ways: use [A] and [D] or the arrow keys to move; space, [W] or up arrow to jump (hit twice to double-jump); [S] or mouse clicks to attack. As usual, enemies will come at you teeth bared and obstacles will demand dexterous dodging. Each level progression means more difficulty. Don't think hens laying exploding eggs is a challenge? Sketch Quest does have some tricky moments but it's never cruel—after dying, you will regenerate at the beginning of an obstacle to retry your moves while still fresh in mind. The weapon power option seems a bit dubious and attack controls slightly imprecise; then again, if you're stabbing with an onion, that might be expected.

The best part? Sketch Quest departs from typical at the very start when your screen fills with intricately interesting sketches then it continues into extraordinary, stopping to command you to customize your character, "Draw your own weapon... hat... enemy...." When you advance, more options are given. Juvenile Pee Chee Folder motifs might be inspired here. Although dotted lines suggest the shape of such invention, in your Sketch Quest notebook, a simple palate of pencil and six watercolors—and imagination—are the only limitations.

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Game controls:

W,A,D to move. Mouse to sketch and interact.

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