Date added: 25/09/2017

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Rating: 0.1% 1 votes is a game based on that you can play here on Friv games 2018. Control a little snake and slither through the map eating tons of shining dots to get bigger and bigger. In this game, your goal is to get bigger and bigger by eating. Play with your friends and try to reach the biggest size that you can and make it to the leaderboard!


This game offers a really smooth gameplay and nice cartoonish graphics. You must avoid having your head touch any other snake or yourself or else you will explode. If your head touches another snake, you die. Therefore at friv online games, once you are big enough, try to trap other snakes by closing them with your body, wait until they get killed and absorb their rests to get much larger. You can dash to trick your opponents in order to eliminate them or escape from them. See if you can become the biggest snake on the map. 


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Game controls:


Use the mouse to control your character and click to speed.

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