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Sniper Team: Aim through your scope, and neutralize all enemies in the battlefield! - Sniper Team is one of our selected Action Games friv. Play Now!

In Sniper Team, you can switch between 4 sniper positions and snipe all the attacking enemies. Have fun with this awesome 3D sniping game.

Defend your base by stopping the attacking waves of enemies. Enemies come from all directions. That is why your team has a sniper posted on each side. Switch between them using the 1-4 number keys. Take out enemies and clear waves to earn money and XP. Spend this money on new weapons and upgrades.

If you like Sniper Team, make sure to also try its amazing sequel, Sniper Team 2.

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Game controls:

Key Controls 

In Sniper Team 2, there are numerous key controls for players to learn and use to convey the most destroying hits to the foe targets. 

  • Mouse - Aim 
  • Left mouse catch - Shoot your weapon 
  • Spacebar - Toggle zoom 
  • X/Shift - Zoom 
  • Numbers 1 through 4 keys - Switch between sharpshooter posts 
  • R - Reload 
  • Q – Switch weapons 
  • Escape/P - Pause 
  • M - Mute
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