Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes

Date added: 20/09/2017

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Strike Force Heroes is fun game that you can play here on friv jocuri online. In this game, you control a character in a 2-D environment trying to take down enemy forces and staying alive as long as you can. Don't worry, even if they do manage to get off a lucky shot, after a few seconds in the penalty box you will simply respawn and be ready to take dish out some carnage again. 


Some days you just can't catch a break. This time an masked group of armed men has taken over your research station and killed your collegues. It's up to you now to grab a gun and defend yourself. Maybe help will come soon? Crawl through narrow shafts, explore rooms carefully and bring the battle to the enemy! Join the mayhem in this crazy action shooter called Strike Force Heroes at friv2 games free online


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Game controls:


WASD or Arrow Keys - Movement

W, Up, or Space – Jump

S or Down – Crouch

Q or Shift – Switch Weapon

E or Ctrl – Activate Killstreak

R – Reload

Mouse – Aim and Shoot

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