The Binding Of Isaac

The Binding Of Isaac

Date added: 15/06/2017

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Move from room to room as Isaac as you take on strange monsters, and flies around piles of poop. 

When Isaac's mother began to hear the voice of God asking for a sacrifice to prove his faith, Isaac escaped into the cellar. Many enemies are waiting for him.

The Binding of Isaac is an action, shooting and role-playing game friv online. Follow Isaac in his adventure and use the strange treasures that will give him special powers to fight the mysterious creatures and find the way to freedom.


  • Randomly generated dungeons, as well as items, enemies and bosses. You will never play the same friv game twice.
  • Over 100 items that give you powers and change your character.
  • More than 50 enemies with each their special type. The more they are mortal, the more valuable the treasures will be.
  • More than 20 bosses
  • 4 chapters on 8 levels.
  • More than 3 unlockable classes
  • Multiple purposes.
  • Tons of objects, bosses, enemies ... unlockable.

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