The Smurfs Adventure

The Smurfs Adventure

Date added: 15/06/2017

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Welcome to our site where a lot of games are waiting for you and we try to offer you only the most interesting games like this particular Smurfs game, something else, different from the rest of the friv games with Smurfs that you can find here and we hope you will like it very much.

The little Smurfs are different from one another, they all have an emphasized feature, and the Smurf from this game is a very adventureous one, he like going to explore the world he is living in and now he thought that he could invite you too kids so you could go together, have fun together, be happy together.

All you have to do is know the instructions that we gave you, and the game friv for school too and then go with the Smurf and explore the land but be very careful because there are all kind of other creatures walking back and forth and if you touch them you will die and you will have to start the game from the beginning. And of course it’s important that you collect the points that are scattered everywhere , if you collect them that will boost your score and that is the point of the free friv game, beside the fun you can have with a friend.

The Smurfs are planning to hold a big party for Papa Smurf because it's almost his birthday. Try to collect as many presents and cakes as you can. 

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Good luck!

Game controls:

Play using your ARROW KEYS.

You can also read the instructions that Smurfs Adventure are given in the game and follow them carefully!

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