Thing Thing Arena Classic

Thing Thing Arena Classic

Date added: 24/12/2019

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Thing Thing Arena Classic is an Action game on friv online games. You can play Thing Thing Arena Classic in your browser for free.

Customize your character, select your weapons and survive as long as you can against endless waves of enemies! Do you have what it takes to beat everyone, even in zombie or stinky bean mode?

This iconic edition of the action-packed Thing Thing Arena shooting game series features the most overpowered and destructive weapons of all time. In such massacre is not only cruelty magnified. Your rivals are more armed and dangerous than ever. Try to stay alive to reach achievements and shoot 'em all up. How long can you survive furious Thing Thing Arena Classic? Good luck killer at!

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Game controls:

Controls: WASD: Move / Jump / Duck, Mouse: Aim / Shoot, E: Change Weapons.

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