Third Kingdom

Third Kingdom

Date added: 05/12/2017

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Third Kingdom welcome you to friv Games for kids online. Two rival states in the war for the conquest of the third realm. Get ready for an epic battle to protect your territory in this cool ancient tower-defense game. Build your city, grow and create products to gain satisfaction and prosperity as you place turrets and equip your soldiers with what it takes to put down all enemies. Be careful because placing multiple defenses of the same type will increase the type!

Together with Liu Bei you have found a piece a land that you can start building on. However, your neighbors won't be happy, so defenses will be needed. In Third Kingdom at friv Games for school, you have to fight off General Cao Cao's forces while building up your city. Make the land secure and prosperous! Use your earnings to improve your structures and strengthen your dominion in the Third Kingdom. Much fun!

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How to play

Follow the instructions in the game, use your mouse to interact with characters and objects.

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