Toys Story Back Home

Toys Story Back Home

Date added: 16/06/2017

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Oh, look! Woody and Buzz have fallen out of the truck at friv 2018! If they dont figure something out they will not see Andy and their toy friends again. Hurry up! You should help our brave heroes get back home. The street is full of dangers people on sidewalks, broken glass, gums and nails on the road and thats not all!

Get ready to have some more fun with two of your favorite characters from the famous cartoon movies Toy Story. Andie and Buzz have returned with you guys on our site, and they are ready to entertain you within such a great adventurous game called Toy Story Back Home. We know that you kids always have so much fun with your friends, Andie and Buzz, that's why we thought that you will truly appreciate this amazing friv xyz game that we have just uploaded, a friv game in which you will have to help both of them get back home.

It's very important for them not to get spotted by humans, because they don't know that these toys can walk and talk, just like we can, so, it's important to avoid getting in contact with them.

Use the arrow keys to guide your friends to avoid the obstacles, and humans. Good luck friends, we hope that you are going to have a great time!

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You can also read the instructions that Toy Story Back Home are given in the game and follow them carefully!

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