Troll Cannon 2

Troll Cannon 2

Date added: 20/09/2017

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Troll Cannon 2 is a puzzle game that you can play here on gooey game. Ready to get trolled HARD? Troll Cannon 2 is here, and it's gonna troll the heck out of you. Your goal is simple: Shoot the cannon and hit the targets like ANgry Birds... Only problem is every level has a weirder and screwier objective. Good luck!


In this game at friv two player games, you will control a canon. You can adjust shot direction and power of shot. This cannon shoots out trollfaces and the number of shots is unlimited. Having a total of 20 stages for you in this game with each stage is a different challenge. 


In addition, this game has 4 bonus stages. The tasks of each stage will be different. For example, in Stage 1, you must shoot the trollface into the car. In Stage 2, you must shoot the trollface into the magnet. However, you need to use other objects on the map to complete the quest that the stage requires, typically maps that have two cannons.


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Game controls:


Use your left mouse to aim or shoot.

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