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Play Whack Your Neighbour game on GoGy! How many times your neighbour made you angry? It's the time to beat him up a little for all those times. Whack Your Neighbour is free and no registration needed!

Try to find all 27 ways to brutally whack your neighbour in this stress busting murder game. Featuring many typical and everyday garden objects to use, the game offers a blend of creativity and direct kill methods. Whack Your Neighbour represents a neighbour dispute scenario on steroids.

Another interesting game inspired by the Whack your bossWhack your Neighbor. If you are fed up with your neighbor, due to more than one reason, you need to play this game seriously. This game allows you to beat the neighbor the way you not, you can use your hands to punch them, can kick on their ass, and can use the different 32 ways to kill them off.

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Controls: Mouse

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