William The Conqueror

William The Conqueror

Date added: 08/09/2017

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Once upon a time, and a very good time it was, there was a kingdom and ... blah blah blah. In short, you are a knight, there is a princess far away from you. And you should kill all of the monsters appearing on your way. Earn money to upgrade your warrior, click to deal more damage, get achievements and save the princess.

In this kingdom on GoGy a princess was in love with a hero. But some bandits kidnapped the princess. Can you recapture her? Set out on an adventurous quest in William the Conqueror!

And remember, your fairy tail should end in that way: " and they lived happy...” Blah-blah-blah! Everybody know what is next.

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Game controls:

Only mouse

Hot keys:
Z, X - to use skills
P - to pause/resume
Space - the same action as mouse

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